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Flirty Playbook: 158 Fun Pickup Lines to Transform You into a Chatting Pro

In the era of digital love, dating apps have become the new battlefield for modern romance. In this world where fate is determined by swiping left or right, standing out amongst the crowd can be a fun challenge. Sometimes, a well-crafted pickup line works like magic, instantly capturing someone’s attention. But is it enough to…

In the era of digital love, dating apps have become the new battlefield for modern romance. In this world where fate is determined by swiping left or right, standing out amongst the crowd can be a fun challenge. Sometimes, a well-crafted pickup line works like magic, instantly capturing someone’s attention. But is it enough to say, “Your eyes twinkle like the stars”? Perhaps it’s time to be more creative, such as, “Do you have control over time travel? Because every time I see you, time stands still.”

Imagine scrolling through a dating app and being struck by an interesting profile. Instead of a typical introduction, the person uses a playful pickup line: “I’m not a mathematician, but I can add some happiness to your life, subtract your troubles, and multiply our future together.” Such an opener not only sparks interest but also makes the profile stand out in a sea of others.

This article explores how pickup lines can break the norm on dating apps, with a series of fun and practical examples. Whether it’s increasing the chance of a first meeting or deepening mutual understanding, the right pickup lines are indispensable tools in your emotional arsenal.

The Power of Pickup Lines

Who knew that a simple “Your smile seems made of light speed, because it instantly brightens my world” could be the key to unlocking a wonderful relationship? On dating apps, pickup lines are not just a game of words but a subtext of emotions, conveying your creativity and desire for a relationship.

1.Breaking the Ice

The first attempt to break the silence, especially in the digital space, always comes with a mix of nerves and anticipation. A clever pickup line not only eases this tension but also provides a relaxed way to initiate conversation. Imagine sending someone the line, “I hope you like animals, because I’m a little kitten looking for someone to tumble around with.” This not only shows your sense of humor but also softens the awkwardness of the first contact.

2.Building Attraction

The charm of a pickup line lies in its ability to quickly establish attraction. When you tell someone, “You must be a magician because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears,” you’re essentially complimenting their allure and uniqueness. This direct yet not overly forward compliment can make someone feel valued and increase their fondness for you.

3.Combining Pickup Lines with Humor

Let’s face it, pure sweet talk can sometimes seem too cliché. However, when you combine a pickup line with humor, the effect is completely different. For example, “Your parents must be candy makers because you are very sweet.” This light-hearted and humorous approach not only makes the other person laugh but also shows off your unconventional personality.

Through these examples, we see that pickup lines not only help break the initial awkwardness but also quickly build attraction and interest. Next, we’ll explore how to choose the right pickup line for the occasion, ensuring that each word touches the heartstrings of the other person.

Choosing the Right Pickup Line

In the art of pickup lines, every word counts. Just as choosing the right wine for dinner can significantly enhance the dining experience, selecting the appropriate pickup line can leave a profound impression. Here are some ideas for choosing pickup lines based on the target audience and situation.

1.Pickup lines on Social Media

  1. “If you were an update, I’d never skip you.”
  2. “No need to hit ‘like’ because I’ve already saved you in my heart.”
  3. “I wanted to bookmark you as ‘favorite,’ but it turns out you’ve already marked my heart.”
  4. “Out of all the emojis, your smile is the one I want to download.”
  5. “I think your profile should come with a warning label: Extremely charming.”
  6. “It’s not your photos loading slowly; it’s your beauty slowing down time.”
  7. “If love were a link, I wish it would lead to our future.”
  8. “Are you a keyboard? Because you are just my type.”
  9. “I hope one day our status could upgrade from ‘online’ to ‘in person.’”
  10. “Your profile should come with a high traffic warning because I’m about to crash it!”

2.Pickup lines for In-Person Meetings

  1. “Seeing you, I finally understand why my world is so bright.”
  2. “If I could rate this moment, it would definitely be a ten, because you are here.”
  3. “I wish I had a compass because every time I see you, I lose my direction.”
  4. “Do you know what the best sound is? Your voice.”
  5. “You are my private sun, lighting up my world alone.”
  6. “Meeting you is the most wonderful of all my lucky encounters.”
  7. “If looks could convey feelings, I might already be holding you in my arms.”
  8. “I don’t need Google Maps, because the route to your heart is the clearest in my mind.”
  9. “Your presence has added endless possibilities to the script of my life.”
  10. “Every ordinary day becomes extraordinary because of you.”

3.Pickup lines for Special Occasions

  1. “On this special day, my only wish is to be with you.”
  2. “Today is Valentine’s Day, but for me, any day spent with you is Valentine’s Day.”
  3. “Christmas doesn’t need more gifts, because I’ve already got the best one — you.”
  4. “On your birthday, I just wish all the stars would twinkle for you.”
  5. “This New Year, my only resolution is to count down to it again with you.”
  6. “Thank you for being the most special guest at my graduation.”
  7. “This Thanksgiving, I’m most grateful that fate brought you into my life.”
  8. “Today marks the anniversary of the first time we met; thank you for making this year so wonderful.”
  9. “Having you by my side during this special event is the greatest honor.”
  10. “It’s just an ordinary weekend, but with you here, it becomes extraordinary.”
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4.Pickup lines for men

  1. If love were a programming language, you’d definitely be my core code.
  2. If you’re Google, then I must be an optimization algorithm, because I’ve just found the answer I’ve been looking for.
  3. Are you my charger? Because every time I see you, I feel fully charged and revived.
  4. My life is a movie, and you’re the best leading lady.
  5. You’re like a password, because you’re the key to my happiness.
  6. Did you just walk off a keyboard? Because you’re my type!
  7. Are you a programmer? Because you’ve just programmed my life.
  8. Does your smile have electricity? Because it just lit up my whole city.
  9. If love were a technology, I’d develop every version for you.
  10. Do you know what I have in common with stars? We’re both attracted to your gravity.
  11. Is there a limit to your speed? Because your radiance seems infinite.
  12. Are you AI? Because you understand me too well.
  13. If I were a star, you’d be a black hole, forever pulling me in.
  14. Are we in a database? Because I feel a strong connection between us.
  15. You don’t need a search engine, because you’ve already found my heart.
  16. Are your eyes shooting stars? Because all my wishes come true when I look into them.
  17. I wish I were the home button on your phone, so you’d always need me.
  18. If loving you were a programming error, I’d never want to debug it.
  19. Are you a magnet? Because I’m drawn to you.
  20. Do you have GPS? Because I found my direction with you.
  21. Did you come from the future? Because you’ve shown me hope.
  22. If my heart were a circuit board, you’d be the main processor.
  23. Our relationship is like the most stable network connection, never disconnecting.
  24. Are your eyes copyrighted? Because I want to copy them.
  25. Was your smile written in Python? Because it makes my heart race.
  26. If we were HTML tags, I’d want to be <header> and <footer>, because I want to start and end everything with you.
  27. Do you know what blockchain and my feelings for you have in common? They’re both transparent and unchangeable.
  28. Are you the ‘Esc’ key on a keyboard? Because you make me want to escape reality.
  29. Are you a memory module? Because you enhance my life.
  30. Do you have the speed of free fall? Because my love for you reaches its peak instantly.

5.Pickup lines for women

  1. “Your smile is like sunshine, lighting up my whole world.”
  2. “Every time I see you, my heart beats faster.”
  3. “I want to be the tear on your pillow, so I can touch your cheek.”
  4. “You’re the brightest star in my sky, guiding me forward.”
  5. “If love had a color, it would be the color in your eyes.”
  6. “You’re my heartbeat, I can’t survive without you.”
  7. “If you were a song, you’d be my forever repeat.”
  8. “My world is perfect because of you.”
  9. “You’re my hero in dreams, always there when I need you.”
  10. “I want to grow old slowly with you.”
  11. “Your voice is my favorite melody.”
  12. “Whenever I think of you, the stars twinkle for you in the sky.”
  13. “Your smile means more to me than the whole world.”
  14. “If love were an ocean, I’d sail away with you.”
  15. “You’re the beginning of all my happy stories.”
  16. “I’d pluck the moon for you just to light up your world.”
  17. “If my life were a book, you’d be the most beautiful chapter.”
  18. “Every dream of mine has you in it.”
  19. “Your eyes are the endless sky I could never tire of.”
  20. “Meeting you was destiny’s most beautiful arrangement.”
  21. “Every smile of yours is my greatest anticipation in this life.”
  22. “Every conversation with you makes my world brighter.”
  23. “You’re my miracle, making me believe in true love.”
  24. “I want to entrust my heart to you, let you be its guardian.”
  25. “Every time I see you, I believe angels truly exist.”
  26. “Your presence turns my life into a sweet poem.”
  27. “If I could choose life again, I’d still choose to meet you.”
  28. “You’re the gentle cloud in my heart, always shielding me from storms when I need it.”
  29. “As long as I’m with you, I’m willing to face any difficulty.”
  30. “You’re my exclusive lucky charm, bringing me endless luck and joy.”

6. Romantic Pickup Lines

  1. “I once counted the stars in the sky, but none shine as bright as your eyes.”
  2. “If your heart was a castle, I’d travel over mountains and seas just to be at home with you.”
  3. “You inspire every poem I write; just thinking of you stirs words to life.”
  4. “I’d be your shadow if you let me, from dawn till forever ends.”
  5. “You’re the reason I wake up in the morning, and why I dream so sweetly at night.”
  6. “In every dream of you, I never want to wake up because you’re even better in reality.”
  7. “Every moment with you feels like the most beautiful scene from a movie.”
  8. “Your laugh is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard, it instantly lifts all my worries.”
  9. “You are the eternal flame in my heart, lighting up every dark corner.”
  10. “In the book of my life, you are the most exciting chapter.”

7. Humorous Pickup Lines

  1. “If you were a keyboard, I’d be the F5 key because I always want to refresh your impression of me.”
  2. “I’m not a photographer, but I can easily capture our happy moments.”
  3. “Do you know the difference between you and the stars? The stars only appear at night, but your smile brightens every day.”
  4. “Are you a credit card? Because you’ve maxed out my heart.”
  5. “I must be a book because every time you come close, it feels like someone’s opening up my heart.”
  6. “If loving you was a crime, I’d be the most wanted criminal.”
  7. “If I were a cat, you’d be a can of tuna because I just can’t resist jumping on you.”
  8. “Your name should be Google, because you have everything I’m searching for.”
  9. “Are you into sci-fi? Because every time I see you, it feels like we’re on a starship.”
  10. “Do you have magic? Because whenever you’re near, everyone else disappears.”

8. Witty Pickup Lines

  1. “If wisdom was an illness, I’d want to be infected by you for life.”
  2. “We should write a paper together on ‘The Chemistry of Love’ because I believe our findings would revolutionize science.”
  3. “Do you have an encyclopedia hidden away? Because you always enrich our conversations.”
  4. “If history were a river, I’d want our love to be its most beautiful chapter.”
  5. “Your eyes hold the depth of the universe, and every time I look into them, I explore endless possibilities.”
  6. “What’s the difference between you and ancient myths? Myths are heard, but you and I can make it happen.”
  7. “If love were a math problem, I’ve found the perfect solution in you.”
  8. “You should join my philosophy class because I think you’ve perfectly answered ‘What is the ideal partner?’”
  9. “Did you walk out of an art gallery? Because you make my world vibrant and colorful.”
  10. “Is your name registered in the library? Because every time you’re mentioned, I feel more enlightened.”
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9. Best Pickup Lines

  1. “There are seven days in a week. Guess which one I like the most? Every day that has you in it.”
  2. “Do you know what I love the most? What is it? Just say the first word of the question.”
  3. “I think you’re not just for dating. Why? You’re meant for marrying.”
  4. “Do you know why I’m afraid of you? No, why? Because I’m scared of my wife.”
  5. “I have a superpower. Do you know what it is? Super liking you.”
  6. “After meeting you, I want to become someone. What person? Your person.”
  7. “I’ve always been good at reading people, and I can tell you’re meant to be mine.”
  8. “I’ve liked you for more than two minutes now, it’s too late to take it back.”
  9. “You should hold my hand when we walk; didn’t your teacher tell you to always carry valuable things with you?”
  10. “There’s been a rumor that I like you. I need to clarify that it’s not a rumor.”
  11. “Can you smile for me? Why? Because I forgot to add sugar to my coffee.”
  12. “Send me a red packet. Why? Shouldn’t you pay rent for staying in my heart for so long?”
  13. “I dare not think of you too easily at night. Why? Because I’m afraid I’ll stay up all night.”
  14. “I’ve put on weight recently, not from eating but from secretly putting you in my heart.”
  15. “I’ll take you to a drink you’ve never had before. What drink? Our wedding toast.”
  16. “Apart from dating, there’s nothing much to discuss with you.”
  17. “When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a scientist. Now, I just want to build a home with you.”
  18. “Ever since I met you, I’ve been having toothaches. Why? Maybe because you’re too sweet.”
  19. “You must come to my wedding. Why? Because it would be awkward without the bride.”
  20. “Your name is so simple, yet it fills my heart completely.”
  21. “When it comes down to it, I have only one standard for choosing a partner: you.”
  22. “Aren’t you tired? No? But you’ve been running through my mind all day.”
  23. “I think I’m quite fickle; I like your different looks every day.”
  24. “Do you know why I’ve been vegetarian lately? No? Because you’re my cup of tea.”
  25. “I have a magical power; I always manage to find beautiful things, like you.”
  26. “I’m a bit strapped for cash recently, so I thought maybe I could hold your hand for a while.”
  27. “I know three people who like you. Who? Me, myself, and I.”
  28. “I have some bad news. What is it? My thoughts about you are no longer pure.”
  29. “Good things are meant to be shared with people, but the best things I want to keep for myself, like you.”
  30. “The only things I can’t pull out are the carrots from other people’s fields and my love for you.”
  31. “If you were a star, then I’d be the night sky, because without you, there is no light in my life.”
  32. “Do you know what’s different between you and the moon? The moon lights up my night, but you light up my entire life.”
  33. “I’m not a poet, but you make me want to dedicate every word to you.”
  34. “If my life was an adventure, you would be the map that discovers new lands.”
  35. “I wish I were the battery in your phone, so you could never leave me.”
  36. “Your smile should be illegal because it has a huge effect on my heart.”
  37. “If there was a language just for us, ‘you’ would be every verb.”
  38. “In all of my drafts, you are the only sentence that doesn’t need editing.”

Timing and Manner of Using Pickup Lines

In the virtual world of dating apps, your opening line is like your business card. It not only represents your personality but also determines whether potential romantic sparks might ignite. Both choice and timing are crucial because the right pickup line can not only break the ice but also make the other person feel both surprised and at ease. However, moderation is key—being too direct might cause withdrawal, while being too subtle could miss the opportunity.

1.Introducing Pickup Lines Naturally in Conversation

  • Start Lightly: Using a light-hearted pickup line at the beginning of the conversation can ease nervousness. For example, “I’m really glad I just bought life insurance because when I saw you, my heart stopped.” This type of humor, without being over the top, can make the other person feel comfortable.
  • Look for a Hook: Pay attention to interests or the background in the other person’s profile that can serve as a springboard for introducing a pickup line. For instance, if the person likes baking, you might say, “If love were a recipe, I’d want you to be the secret ingredient in every dessert.”
  • Respond to Timing: When the other person replies to your message, pay attention to their tone and content, and timely insert a pickup line. For example, if someone mentions they enjoy reading, you could respond, “If you were a book, I’d hope never to reach the last page.”

2.Avoiding Overuse or Inappropriate Use of Pickup Lines

  • Tailor to Fit: Adjust your language style based on the other person’s reaction. If they seem unresponsive to humorous openers, you might need to switch to a more sincere or direct expression.
  • Maintain Balance: While one or two pickup lines can add levity, too many might seem frivolous. Ensure there is enough substantial content in the conversation, not just sweet nothings.
  • Know When to Stop: If you notice that the other person is uncomfortable with certain pickup lines, adjust the topic timely to avoid continuing down an unwelcome path.

3.Handling Responses After Using Pickup Lines: How to Continue the Conversation

  • Observe Feedback: Closely watch how the other person reacts to your pickup lines. If they return a smile or respond positively, you’ve found a resonant note. Conversely, if they seem indifferent, you may need to change your strategy.
  • Deepen the Conversation: Pickup lines are just the beginning; real connections come from in-depth discussions. Use a pickup line to transition into deeper topics, such as asking about the other person’s life, dreams, and interests.
  • Be Flexible: The effectiveness of pickup lines may change as the conversation deepens. Don’t be afraid to adjust your communication style to suit the natural flow of dialogue.

Pickup lines are like seasoning—they can make communication more flavorful when used in moderation, but too much can spoil the whole dish. Mastering the use of pickup lines in conversation can help you navigate the seas of digital dating more effectively.

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Case Studies in Practical App

Using pickup lines in dating apps is like starting a fire in the wilderness—it can signal and provide warmth. Let’s look at some selected cases to see how pickup lines have sparked romance in real life.

Success Cases

Case 1: Humorous Approach

  • Scenario Description: Tom was browsing on Kasual, a dating app, and noticed Lily’s profile, which mentioned her love for cats. Tom decided to use this to catch Lily’s interest.
  • Pickup Line Used: “If I were a cat, I’d spend all nine lives dating you.”
  • Interaction Details: Tom’s message not only showed his interest in Lily but also cleverly expressed his sense of humor, making Lily feel delighted and noticed. Lily responded positively to this humorous approach and started asking Tom if he really liked cats.
  • Result: Lily was charmed by the pickup line that reflected their shared interest and showcased Tom’s personality, leading to a deeper conversation about pets.
  • Analysis: The success of this pickup line lay in its direct connection to Lily’s interests, using humor to ease the pressure of initial communication, allowing them to quickly establish a connection on a common topic.

Case 2: Romantic and Deep

  • Scenario Description: Jane was chatting with Peter on Hinge, another dating app, where they discovered a shared interest in stargazing.
  • Pickup Line Used: “If you were the North Star, then I’d be the star that always orbits around you.”
  • Interaction Details: This line caught Peter’s attention because it was not only romantic but also closely related to their shared interest. It made Peter feel the depth of Jane’s emotions and her appreciation for their common hobby.
  • Result: The line deeply touched Peter, who was moved by Jane’s romanticism, leading them to plan a stargazing date night.
  • Analysis: This pickup line effectively used their common interest, deepening their emotional connection through a romantic metaphor, showing how personalized attention can foster the development of a relationship.

Failure Cases

Case 3: Too Direct

  • Scenario Description: Alex, after seeing Chris’s profile on Tinder, was drawn by his charm and attempted to quickly catch his attention.
  • Pickup Line Used: “Your photo makes me want to meet you immediately.”
  • Interaction Details: Although well-intentioned, Alex’s direct approach was too forward for an initial conversation, lacking gradual emotional buildup. This directness made Chris feel uncomfortable, as it put pressure on him to respond immediately.
  • Result: Chris felt uncomfortable with the direct and rushed approach and chose not to respond to Alex.
  • Analysis: Using overly direct pickup lines without sufficient trust or understanding can make the other person feel uneasy. Such lines are more appropriate once a mutual comfort level and better understanding have been established.

Case 4: Misreading the Situation

  • Scenario Description: Sarah tried to attract a potential match, who seemed to have a serious personality, with humor.
  • Pickup Line Used: “Do you know what you have in common with a library? Because you make me want to explore every chapter over and over.”
  • Interaction Details: Although the line was intended to show wit and appreciation for knowledge, it might have seemed too complex or indirect for someone who might prefer more straightforward communication.
  • Result: The potential match might have felt that the metaphor was too playful, lacking sincere intent for real conversation, and therefore did not continue the interaction.
  • Analysis: Understanding the other person’s personality and preferences is crucial before using humorous or quirky pickup lines. A good pickup approach should match the other person’s character and communication style to prevent adverse reactions.

Pickup Lines to Avoid

Navigating the romantic seas isn’t always smooth sailing. Not all pickup lines act as life preservers; some can be anchors that drag you down. Just as you wouldn’t wear swim trunks to a formal dinner, it’s crucial to know which pickup lines might cause offense and ruin a first impression. Sometimes, these lines might seem harmless but could unintentionally offend someone and damage your initial interaction. So, before we learn how to use words to attract others, let’s ensure we’re not stepping on any social landmines.

1.Overly Direct or Sexually Suggestive Lines

These lines often cause discomfort due to their directness or inappropriate sexual implications.

  • “Your body is amazing. Can we chat privately?”
  • “Wow, you’re so hot, you must have just come from hell.”
  • “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together on a bed.”
  • “That dress looks great on you. It would look even better on my bedroom floor.”
  • “Are you a dessert? Because I want to take you home.”

2.Using Stereotypical Lines

Lines based on racial, gender, or cultural stereotypes can lead to misunderstandings and offense.

  • “Are you Asian? Because I want you to be my Asian queen.”
  • “Are you Latina? Because you look as spicy as a chili.”
  • “You’re a girl, you probably don’t know much about football, do you?”
  • “Are you black? You must be good at basketball.”
  • “Are you Russian? Because you just turned down the temperature when you walked in.”

3.Exaggerated or Insincere Flattery

Insincere flattery can backfire, leaving a bad impression.

  • “You are the most beautiful creature on this planet.”
  • “I’ve never seen someone as flawless as you.”
  • “Your eyes are more dazzling than the sun.”
  • “You must be an angel because no one on Earth is as perfect as you.”
  • “Your smile is more beautiful than any poem I know.”

4.Cliché and Outdated Lines

Trite and unimaginative lines fail to spark interest and can cause annoyance.

  • “Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.”
  • “Your feet must hurt because you’ve been walking through my mind all day.”
  • “We’re like a pair of socks, meant to always be together.”
  • “Are you an anesthetist? Because you just stopped my heart.”
  • “Can you help me pick something up? Because I fell for you at first sight.”

By avoiding these types of offensive pickup lines, you can improve the quality of your interactions, avoid misunderstandings or offenses, and better establish positive relationships with others.


In the world of online dating, the right pickup line is like the perfect playlist—it can instantly ignite the atmosphere and ease the tension of a first meeting. Imagine if our opening lines were as iconic as Jack’s “You jump, I jump” from Titanic; perhaps our love stories would have less awkwardness and more laughter.

The art of using pickup lines lies in the timing and manner of delivery. They should be like a perfectly mixed cocktail, blending humor and wit in moderation, rather than an overwhelming shot. When your pickup line is like a treasure discovered on an adventure, mysterious and enticing, you’ve found the “key” to unlocking a new relationship.

However, remember to always maintain respect and sincerity when using these witty openers. Everyone’s feelings and reactions are different, and effective communication should be built on understanding and respecting the other person. Therefore, I encourage every reader not only to learn these techniques but also to adapt flexibly to the situation and genuinely engage in each conversation.

For those interested in enhancing their online communication skills further, I recommend reading more related books and articles.(See appendix)

Finally, don’t forget, every interaction is an opportunity to understand others and express oneself. In this world of digital dating full of possibilities, let us bravely start a wonderful journey with a carefully chosen pickup line!

pickup lines

AppendixResources to Enhance Your Online Communication Skills

To help you delve deeper into enhancing your online communication skills, especially in using pickup lines and building interpersonal relationships, here are some recommended books and resources on interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and the use of humor:

Book Recommendations

1.<<Nonviolent Communication>> by Marshall Rosenberg

This book introduces the techniques of nonviolent communication, helping readers to communicate effectively and compassionately.

2.<<Emotional Intelligence 2.0>> by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

This book provides practical strategies to enhance one’s emotional intelligence, thereby improving understanding and management of emotions in various social situations.

3.<<The Humor Code>> by Peter McGraw

This book explores the importance and practical methods of humor, teaching you how to cultivate and apply humor in everyday life.

4.<<The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck>> by Mark Manson

Through real-life examples, this book explores the subtle interactions in interpersonal relationships, teaching you how to establish genuine and appealing connections.

5.<<The Power of Speaking>> by Joseph Telushkin

This book delves deep into the power of speech, offering practical tips for enhancing communication effectiveness, suitable for both online and face-to-face interactions.

Online Resources and Workshops

1.Coursera and Udemy

These online learning platforms offer various courses on communication skills, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal relations. For example, the course “Improving Communication Skills” can help you use language more effectively.

2.TED Talks

TED Talks feature many presentations on communication and relationships, such as Julian Treasure’s “Humor Is a Superpower.”

3.Local Community Centers or University Open Courses

Participating in workshops or lectures organized by these institutions can provide practical engagement and practice, which is a great way to enhance communication skills.

4.Social Media Platforms

Follow accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook that specialize in teaching communication skills. Experts and psychologists often share useful tips and case studies.