10 Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives for Seeking Connections in 2024

The closure of Craigslist Personals, a once pivotal online space for casual encounters and expression of personal desires, has left many searching for similar sanctuaries. This article explores the digital landscape for alternatives, providing a beacon for those in pursuit of connections that Craigslist once facilitated with ease and discretion.

By Derek Ma 19 Min Read

In the digital age, the quest for connection and companionship often leads many to the vast expanse of the internet. For years, Craigslist Personals stood as a pivotal online sanctuary where individuals could seek out intimate encounters, forge new relationships, and explore personal desires with a sense of freedom and anonymity. However, the enactment of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) in 2018, aimed at curbing sex trafficking by holding websites accountable for user-posted content, led to the abrupt closure of this widely utilized section. The ripple effect was immediate, leaving a void in the lives of millions who had relied on this platform for casual connections and the expression of their personal lives.

The disappearance of Craigslist Personals not only signified the loss of a unique social outlet but also highlighted the complexities of balancing internet freedom with measures against illegal activities online. In the aftermath, a pressing question emerged: Where could individuals now turn for similar interactions that Craigslist once facilitated with ease and discretion?

Recognizing the significant gap left behind, and the continued desire for spaces where people can freely seek companionship and casual encounters, we delve into the quest for alternatives. In a digital ecosystem brimming with platforms, finding suitable replacements poses a challenge, marred by concerns over privacy, security, and the genuine need for connections without strings attached. This article aims to guide those in search of such spaces, offering a carefully curated list of ten alternatives to Craigslist’s Personals section, where freedom, privacy, and desire converge in the search for human connection.

1. Kasual

Kasual Apple Store Shots

Kasual, previously known as Yumi, distinguishes itself as a premier app for casual encounters, prioritizing user anonymity and simplicity. In the wake of Craigslist Personals’ shutdown in 2018 due to legal changes targeting online sex trafficking, Kasual fills the gap for those seeking no-strings-attached hookups. Unlike Craigslist, which lacked secure identity verification, Kasual offers a safer platform by not requiring any personal information, thus prioritizing the privacy and security of its users.

The app introduces a novel and engaging way to connect through its Kasual Cards feature, adding a gamified element to the casual dating scene. Users have a 50% chance of finding a potential match in their vicinity by flipping a card, making the search for connections both fun and effortless. This unique approach, along with free chat for mutual matches, positions Kasual as a user-friendly and inclusive platform for a broad audience seeking casual connections.

Kasual’s unwavering commitment to user privacy and security sets it apart in the online dating world. With features allowing users to blur or cover their photos, Kasual ensures anonymity, supplemented by a stringent manual review process for new sign-ups. This dedication to creating a discreet and secure environment for casual hookups solidifies Kasual’s status as an ideal choice for individuals looking for casual, no-strings-attached encounters in a post-Craigslist world.

2. Craigslist Community

Craigslist Lists

The Craigslist Community section, despite being quite different from the now-defunct Personals section, has emerged as a novel avenue for those seeking casual encounters. Originally designed for platonic community engagements rather than dating, this section requires users to navigate its postings creatively, as it strictly prohibits any explicit content. However, its appeal lies in being a completely free platform, enabling users to explore a wide range of personal ads and connect with individuals nearby, hinting at the possibility of evolving these connections into something more intimate over time.

Craigslist’s appeal as a versatile platform stems from its vast reach and no-cost model, making it an attractive option for those looking to bypass the limitations of traditional dating apps. Despite not being explicitly designed for dating, the Community section’s local search capabilities and user-friendly features offer a unique space for users to potentially find casual dates, using the site’s simplicity and potential for anonymity to their advantage. This approach leans on the platform’s foundational principles of easy, accessible connections, albeit in a more circumspect manner given the current restrictions.

However, transitioning from Personals to Community has its challenges, including a notable decrease in activity specifically aimed at dating. User experiences reflect this shift, with fewer posts targeting romantic engagements and strict guidelines curtailing discussions of a sexual nature. Despite these obstacles, the Community section holds a special place for those nostalgic for Craigslist’s earlier days or seeking unconventional pathways to casual encounters. While it may not directly replicate the Personals experience, with some patience and ingenuity, it remains a viable platform for forming new connections.

3. AdultFriendFinder

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In the wake of Craigslist Personals’ discontinuation, AdultFriendFinder has risen as a prime alternative, merging the straightforwardness of personal ads with the dynamism of a diverse dating platform. Its easy signup and broad user base, exceeding 100 million globally, facilitate encounters ranging from casual hookups to more intricate sexual explorations, mirroring the inclusive ethos of Craigslist’s own community.

AdultFriendFinder’s appeal lies not only in its vast membership but also in its welcoming environment for various sexual orientations and interests. This inclusivity and the platform’s wide array of interactive features—from messaging and video chats to forums and blogs—make it a robust space for those seeking casual connections without the stigma often found on traditional dating sites.

With features that surpass the simplicity of Craigslist’s text ads, AdultFriendFinder offers a more engaging experience for adult dating. Despite the platform’s membership fees, its comprehensive functionalities present a compelling case for its position as a leading Craigslist Personals alternative, offering a rich and diverse community for casual encounters.

4. DoubleList

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DoubleList has swiftly become a favored destination for those seeking casual encounters, filling the gap left by the shutdown of Craigslist Personals. It champions safety and inclusivity, implementing a strict verification process to ensure a trustworthy community. This focus on user safety, coupled with advanced anti-spam measures, sets DoubleList apart as a reliable platform for personal ads, welcoming a diverse range of users seeking genuine connections.

The platform stands out for its user-friendly design and efficient search functionality, making it straightforward for users to find suitable matches. DoubleList’s extensive user base, with millions in the U.S. alone, enhances the likelihood of finding compatible partners. Localized searches allow for targeted connections, simplifying the process of meeting others with similar interests. Its emphasis on ease of use and effective matchmaking technology underscores DoubleList’s commitment to facilitating seamless casual encounters.

As DoubleList expands globally, covering hundreds of cities worldwide, it solidifies its position as a leading site for casual dating and hookups. The platform’s continuous growth attests to its success in connecting people for casual and longer-term relationships alike. By evolving in response to user feedback and maintaining a vast, active community, DoubleList proves to be an indispensable alternative to Craigslist Personals for those exploring the online dating scene.

5. AshleyMadison

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Ashley Madison boldly offers an alternative to those missing the Craigslist Personals for casual encounters with its motto “Life is short. Have an affair.” This platform is uniquely designed for discreet hookups, offering features like “Traveling Man” for connecting with potential partners in new cities, and ensuring transactions are discreetly billed. It fills the void left by Craigslist Personals, catering to individuals seeking extramarital or no-strings-attached relationships, setting it apart as a specialized service for discreet connections.

Life is short. Have an affair.


With a focus on security and privacy, Ashley Madison has rebounded from past controversies to establish itself as a safe haven for those seeking affairs or casual hookups. Over 65 million users enjoy its privacy-centric features, like women being able to use the platform for free, and a credit system for men that encourages anonymous interactions. This dedication to user safety and anonymity makes Ashley Madison a leading choice for discreet encounters, aligning with the needs of its user base.

Ashley Madison’s commitment to privacy is evident in features like photo masking, a “Panic Button” for quick site exits, and a user-controlled credit system. These features, designed to protect user identity and provide control over how much is spent on the platform, make Ashley Madison an attractive option for those seeking the simplicity and discretion of Craigslist Personals. It stands out as a secure, customizable platform for finding casual connections or affairs discreetly.

6. Reddit R4R

Reddit Header

Reddit R4R offers a compelling alternative to Craigslist Personals, leveraging the vibrant and diverse Reddit community to facilitate casual encounters and connections across a wide spectrum of interests. Unlike Craigslist’s anonymous postings, Reddit R4R fosters a more personal and interactive experience, where users can specify their intentions, from friendships to romantic engagements, in a safe and moderated online environment. This platform differentiates itself with a focus on community guidelines, safety, and a vast array of subreddits catering to various preferences, making it a more regulated and user-friendly space for seeking casual connections.

The document review underscores Reddit R4R’s advantages, such as its free usage and the absence of posting limits within community rules, which encourage a broad user engagement. However, it faces challenges like troll accounts and spam, common to online personal ads platforms, including Craigslist. The moderation and requirement for NSFW content tagging, alongside rules against spam and hate speech, enhance user safety and respect within the community, setting Reddit R4R apart as a safer, community-driven alternative for casual encounters.

Reddit’s array of specific subreddits, like dirtyr4r, caters to more explicit interests, offering users a platform for a wide range of connections, from casual hookups to exploring kinks, within a transparent and open environment. This segmentation and Reddit’s anonymity encourage genuine interactions, making Reddit R4R a unique space for expressing desires freely, far surpassing the now-defunct Craigslist Personals in facilitating diverse and stigma-free connections.

7. Bepage

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Bedpage stands out as a prominent alternative to the now-defunct Craigslist Personals, especially for those seeking casual encounters. It inherits the variety and scope of Craigslist’s personal sections, including categories for dating and adult services, making it a go-to for users looking for diverse interactions. Despite its potential, users should tread carefully due to the risk of scams and misleading ads, which necessitates vigilance in navigating the platform.

Mimicking Craigslist’s user-friendly approach, Bedpage facilitates easy posting and browsing of personal ads, aiming to foster the same sense of community and connection. It’s a hub for various personal explorations, welcoming individuals across a broad spectrum of preferences and orientations. The site’s structure emphasizes simplicity, requiring payment only for ad placements, aligning with its goal to remain accessible to a wide audience seeking personal connections.

However, Bedpage’s conveniences come with caveats, including the potential for illegal activities and the presence of fake profiles. These challenges reflect the broader complexities of online classifieds, balancing the demand for personal freedom against the risks of unregulated content. Users are encouraged to proceed with caution, highlighting the dual nature of Bedpage as both a community platform and a subject of controversy within the digital classifieds space.

8. Locanto

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Locanto stands out as a notable alternative to Craigslist’s Personals for those in search of casual encounters. With its “Casual Encounters” section, the platform mirrors Craigslist, allowing users to easily post and browse personal ads tailored to their preferences. Although dominated by male users and the presence of suspicious ads, Locanto provides a platform where individuals can express their desires openly, offering a potential avenue for connections, provided users navigate with care.

The platform extends beyond a mere alternative to Craigslist by offering a dedicated space for personal ads within its Personals section. This area caters to a wide array of interests and preferences, enabling users to explore relationships and casual flings alike. It’s a space where privacy and discretion are paramount, allowing for a personalized approach to online dating and casual encounters, connecting users based on shared kinks and interests.

Despite its advantages, Locanto’s users must sift through commercial services and potential spam, a challenge common to many classified platforms. While the site’s navigation and user interface are intuitive, finding genuine personal connections among a sea of commercial ads can be challenging. Nevertheless, Locanto’s free ad posting, global community, and diverse categories make it a compelling option for those navigating the complex world of online casual encounters, with a bit of caution.

9. ClassifiedAds

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ClassifiedAds.com stands as a notable alternative to Craigslist’s Personals for those in search of casual encounters. Offering a wide range of categories including personal ads like “women seeking men” and “missed connections,” the platform makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. Its blend of individual and commercial listings enhances user trust, while additional resources like informative blogs cater to a broader set of user needs. 

The platform mirrors the Craigslist Personals experience, especially with its “missed connections” section, attracting users who miss the old classified ads format. Although ClassifiedAds.com is not exclusively for casual encounters and faces issues with scams, it remains a popular choice for users seeking a mix of personal connection and casual dating options. 

ClassifiedAds.com is praised for maintaining the essence of Craigslist Personals through its detailed personals section and diverse user options. Despite some drawbacks like potential scams and a less inviting design, it offers a robust platform for those seeking personal ads and connections, establishing itself as a strong Craigslist alternative.

10. Oodle

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Oodle offers a notable alternative to Craigslist’s personals for those seeking casual encounters, closely mirroring the simplicity and categorization of Craigslist’s offerings. It features user-friendly filters to narrow down searches effectively, catering to various relationship interests from casual encounters to more serious connections. While the platform’s user base may vary by location, its diverse categories and inclusive environment make it an attractive option for a wide array of users seeking different types of relationships.

Distinctive for its mature audience, Oodle Personals prioritizes security and privacy, setting a welcoming stage for users to explore their desires safely. The site’s emphasis on visual content, alongside its broad English-speaking user base, facilitates easier connections. Integration with social networks broadens the platform’s reach, offering a more mature and secure environment for users to connect over shared interests.

By aggregating listings from multiple dating sites, Oodle simplifies the search for potential matches, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional dating sites. This aggregation expands users’ options beyond conventional dating platforms, offering a broader selection of personal ads. Oodle’s innovative approach to online dating, focusing on user safety and a wide range of personal preferences, positions it as a preferred platform for those seeking casual encounters in the post-Craigslist personals era.

The Bottom Line

In the shifting sands of digital interaction, the closure of Craigslist Personals marked the end of an era but also sparked a quest for new horizons. From the safety-focused Kasual to the inclusive environment of AdultFriendFinder and the community-driven spaces of Reddit R4R, alternatives abound, each with unique offerings. While the search for connections without strings attached continues, these platforms stand as testaments to the resilience of human connection in the face of change. As we navigate through these alternatives, the essence of what made Craigslist Personals a sanctuary remains alive, transforming into new forms and spaces in the digital age.

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